The new face of Care

05/10/2015 Founded in 2005, TFWA Care is the Association’s initiative to support humanitarian organisations and charities that help vulnerable people – women and children especially – build better lives. Until now, coverage of the work TFWA Care does has been limited to an area within the ‘Association’ section of, but things are changing.

Since its launch a decade ago, TFWA Care has distributed hundreds of thousands of euros to good causes, both in emerging countries and developed nations. The criteria for considering a project include a tangible programme with clear start and finish points, a dedication to enabling beneficiaries help themselves rather than being passive recipients of aid, and a strong link with one or more TFWA member companies, who are expected to play an active role in supporting them. 

A new, dedicated online presence for TFWA Care is being launched at Based on a one-page design that is visually striking, easy to navigate, and compatible with a wide range of screen formats, the new site features highlights of the projects that TFWA members have helped make possible. Visitors can click through to find background information on each organisation, as well as recent updates and progress reports, case studies, video footage, photography and external links to further related material. An interactive world map shows the location of each project

The new site aims to provide a clear picture of how TFWA’s support is helping to improve the lives of vulnerable people all over the world. Whether fighting disease or malnutrition, promoting education and employment prospects or even providing a safe, caring environment in which orphaned children can flourish, the organisations with which TFWA Care cooperates are described in detail with recent updates on their progress. Everyone is encouraged to browse the new site at and find out more about the causes TFWA Care is helping.