Permanent staff

Executive office

Alain Maingreaud Managing Director Contact
Emilie Vin PA to President & Managing Director Contact

Exhibitions Department

Marissa Phanivong International Exhibitions and Sales Manager Contact
Françoise Parigi Exhibitions & Logistics Supervisor Contact
Myriem Chalabi Customer Engagement Manager Contact
Isabelle Régnier Advertising & Sponsorship Manager Contact
Mona Lebrasseur Commercial Assistant Contact

Marketing Department

Cécile Lamotte Marketing Director Contact
Maud Bruneau Communication Manager Contact
James Clarke Web editorial Manager Contact
Julia Duverney Marketing Assistant Contact

Conference, Research & Corporate Department

John Rimmer Conference, Research & Corporate Affairs Director Contact
Michele Miranda Conference Manager Contact
Sabine Parmentier Membership & Administration Manager Contact
Maha Abdennbi Corporate Relations Manager Contact

IT Department

Ana Homawoo IT Director Contact
Christian Huynh IT Systems Co-ordinator Contact
Shakil Sobhun IT Systems Co-ordinator Contact

Accounts Department

Sylvie Guigue Finance Director Contact
Carole Berrebi Accountant Contact

Registration Department

Laure Bouchet Visitor Registration Manager Contact
Imane Riadi Exhibitor Registration Manager Contact
Alison Ville Registration Coordinator Contact

Press Office

Clare Williams Press Manager Contact
Daisy Fannin Press Assistant Contact
Sophie Carter Press Assistant Contact

Agents in Asia

Shigeru Kikuchi Japanese Envoy Contact
Pierre Lequeux Agent in Korea & greater China Contact