Charity dedicated to fighting Leukaemia, the most widespread form of childhood cancer.

TFWA Care support: TFWA became involved in Children with Leukaemia through Paul Hogan, managing director of PPS Publications, whose daughter was diagnosed with Leukaemia at the age of eight. Paul has since raised funds for the charity through several marathons. Sadly Paul’s daughter lost her long battle with the illness and passed away earlier in 2011. Our heartfelt condolences go to Paul and his entire family.

How you can get involved: Children with Leukaemia seeks involvement from both individuals and companies. It offers advice on running your own fundraising projects and also organises several of its own in which you can participate.

Contact: Pippa Gough, tel: +44 20 7404 0808,
email: corporate(at)

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The world’s biggest and most effective cleft palate charity aims to bring simple and affordable yet life-changing operations to children with cleft palates across the world, particularly in countries where many people cannot afford the operations.

TFWA Care support: TFWA Care has made several donations and participated in several fund raising activities organised by companies and individuals within the industry for Smile Train over the past three years.

Smile Train was one of two charities to share the €100,938 raised by the recent Heart 2 Art fundraising initiative.

How you can get involved: Several companies within the industry run fundraising initiatives for Smile Train, including internal staff fundraising projects, donating a percentage of sales from particular products at particular locations, or participating in the Miles for Smiles fun runs, the next of which will take place in Dubai during the MEDFA 2009 Conference in November.

Contact: info(at)

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TFWA Heart2Art fundraising initiative 2009

To mark the 25th anniversary of TFWA, the association donated €25,000 each to The Lotus Flower Trust [link to LFT current projects page] and The Smile Train. Members of the travel retail industry were also encouraged to support the initiative at TFWA World Exhibition by donating €25 or more for one of 500 limited edition prints of four paintings created by children who had benefited from the charities’ work. The originals were then auctioned off to the highest bidder in the weeks following the exhibition.

In the end, the industry contributed more than €100,000, proving once again the remarkable generosity of the duty free and travel retail community.

Alpha Sri Lanka Tsunami Fund

An industry-specific project led by Alpha Retail Asia (now part of Autogrill) to relocate the inhabitants of a Sri Lankan village destroyed by the Indian Ocean Tsunami of December 2004.

TFWA Care support: TFWA was involved in the project from the very start, donating funds to help buy the plot of land for a new village and finance the construction of housing on the new site. More recently TFWA is proud to have been able to open the Linda Hopkins Memorial community centre there, in memory of late, much-loved TFWA vice-president research & conferences Linda Hopkin.