What is TFWA World Exhibition & Conference? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

Duty free and travel retail’s global summit, held every year in Cannes on France’s Cote d’Azur. Find out more here

How do I register for the event? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

The quickest, simplest and most cost-effective way to register as a visitor is online.

Registration is now closed.

What is the Exhibition? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

A vibrant showcase of traveller-oriented, premium brands. For more information on what to expect, click here

How do I become an exhibitor? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

The application process for exhibitors is explained here

Who exhibits for TFWA World Exhibition & Conference (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

View the Exhibitor List

What is the ONE2ONE meeting service? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

TFWA’s programme for bringing together prospective business partners. For further details, click here

What is the Conference? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

A unique forum combining geopolitical analysis by world-class speakers with business insight from industry leaders. Stay tuned, full programme here

Where can I find presentations made at the Conference? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

The Conference presentations are made available on TFWA 365 online platform, subject to the speakers' permission. Publication usually follows about a week after the event.

How can I book my flight? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

Exhibitors and visitors have access to preferential airfares with Air France and KLM. More information is available click here

How can I book my ground transport? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

TFWA arranges a series of shuttle buses linking Nice Airport with Cannes and within Cannes itself. For details, click here

What is the networking programme? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

An opportunity to mix with colleagues and make new industry contacts at a range of social events

Event programme online

Is there a dress code? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

Most delegates choose to wear normal business attire at the Exhibition, Conference and Workshops.

What are the dates for this year's TFWA World Exhibition & Conference? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

From 29 September to 03 October 2024. Event programme online

How can I sponsor the event? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

Sponsorship opportunities exist for the networking programme.

Please contact Isabelle Regnier for more details

How can I advertise in event publications? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

Please contact Isabelle Regnier for details

Where can I view highlights of previous events? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

The Review, TFWA’s official digital record of the busiest week in the industry calendar, has comprehensive coverage of the latest event.

To view, click here 

What is the TFWA i.lab ? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

TFWA i.lab invites industry players to explore new ways of doing business while showing those unfamiliar with travel retail the opportunities it offers. For more information, click here

Where can I learn more about the health precautions in Cannes? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

Our information page has further details HERE

Can I enter France? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

Your ability to enter France depends on your country of departure and whether you have been vaccinated against Covid-19. For further information, please read our information page and consult the French government website here.

What are the conditions of access to the event? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

All participants must be at least 18 years old, work in duty free and travel retail, have an event exhibitor or visitor badge, and follow health precautions.
Please read our information page HERE

If the event is cancelled, will I be reimbursed? (TFWA World Exhibition & Conference)

If the event is cancelled by TFWA due to Covid-19 or its consequences, the organisers will refund exhibitors any space rental fees already paid. Visitors will likewise have their entry fees reimbursed.

How do I ask TFWA to remove a photograph published on tfwa.com in which I appear? (Association, Asutil Conference, Membership, TFWA World Exhibition & Conference, TFWA i.lab, TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference, TFWA China Reborn, The MEADFA Conference, Press)

Contact TFWA by post at 23-25 rue de Berri, 75008 Paris, France, quoting the following text: “As indicated in article 38 of the French law on online privacy, I wish to object to the online publication of the image in the (insert name here) section of tfwa.com for the following reason(s)…” Your letter should be signed and include the postal address to which TFWA should respond. Please also enclose a copy of photographic identification (passport, driving licence etc.) bearing your signature. Note: The right of objection (cf CNIL) is personal in nature and cannot be exercised on behalf of others apart from minors or protected adults.