How do I become a TFWA member? (Membership)

Membership is on a company basis. Details of the application procedure can be found here

What do I get from TFWA membership? (Membership)

Membership gives you access to a wide range of practical benefits at TFWA events and throughout the year . Find out more here

Is there a directory of TFWA members? (Membership) contains a searchable database of current members, together with contact details, which can be accessed by members who log in to the site. Find out more here

Do I need to be a member to exhibit at TFWA events? (Membership)

No, membership of the Association is not compulsory for companies wishing to exhibit at TFWA events.

Can any company become a TFWA member? (Membership)

Applicants should meet a number of criteria for eligibility. Find out more here

Who can I contact for more information? (Membership)

For any membership queries, please contact us here

What is the TFWA Handbook? (Membership)

Updated every two years and available exclusively to TFWA members, the TFWA Handbook is a concise guide to today’s duty free & travel retail industry with definitions, market data, traffic and tourism statistics plus comment from industry leaders.

Find out more  here


How do I ask TFWA to remove a photograph published on in which I appear? (Association, Asutil Conference, Membership, TFWA World Exhibition & Conference, TFWA i.lab, TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference, TFWA China Reborn, The MEADFA Conference, Press)

Contact TFWA by post at 23-25 rue de Berri, 75008 Paris, France, quoting the following text: “As indicated in article 38 of the French law on online privacy, I wish to object to the online publication of the image in the (insert name here) section of for the following reason(s)…” Your letter should be signed and include the postal address to which TFWA should respond. Please also enclose a copy of photographic identification (passport, driving licence etc.) bearing your signature. Note: The right of objection (cf CNIL) is personal in nature and cannot be exercised on behalf of others apart from minors or protected adults.