Fresh from its debut hosting the recent TFWA Asia Pacific Hainan Special Edition, TFWA 365 brings a new dimension to what the Association can offer its members and travel retail as a whole.

Launched to coincide with TFWA’s latest Asia Pacific online event, the new digital platform significantly expands the range of the tools and services available to Association members and event delegates. Conceived from the outset as a new way for travel retail professionals to connect, TFWA 365 has capabilities built on three distinct pillars. ‘Discovery’ acts as the industry’s showcase, ‘Networking’ provides ways of connecting with others in travel retail, and ‘Learning’ is the place to go for information, experiences and exchange. As a resource, the platform won’t only complement TFWA events both virtual and physical but will be available all year round, justifying its ‘365’ designation.

Having served as the host medium for TFWA Asia Pacific Hainan Special Edition, TFWA 365 is currently enabling delegates to access material and replay presentations from the vibrant four-day event. Brands present at the summit can still be viewed in the ‘Brands’ section of Discovery, where product imagery and details are accessible. Visitors can leave a virtual business card, allowing a brand representative to get in touch. Also in Discovery is an Industry Projects section with coverage of the latest initiatives by companies and trade associations, again featuring several players involved in TFWA Asia Pacific Hainan Special Edition. The Networking section houses a directory of all delegates who attended the virtual event, with the option to send an online message to any of them. Replays of the Conference and workshop sessions are accessible in Learning, where speakers’ slide presentations will be added over the coming days. Two videos fronted by TFWA Managing Director John Rimmer demonstrate the new platform's potential. The first, above, is a live guided tour of TFWA 365 during TFWA Asia Pacific Hainan Special Edition, while the second, below, provides a short introduction.

In addition to hosting TFWA i.lab as a pure online event in the Discovery section later this year, TFWA 365 will play a major role throughout TFWA World Exhibition & Conference, scheduled to return to Cannes from 24 to 28 October.

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