At the traditional June meetings of the Board and Management Committee of Tax Free World Association (TFWA), Erik Juul-Mortensen confirmed that he will not put his name forward for re-election when his current mandate ends in December 2018.

The Board and Management Committee accept with enormous regret that Erik, who has been a member of the Management Committee since the establishment of TFWA in 1984, and served as its President since September 1999, has taken the difficult decision to step down.

Many tributes will be paid to him over the course of the year but there is still much to achieve in the final six months of his presidency.

While the TFWA Management Committee is elected by the Association’s members every two years at the Annual General Meeting in October, the President is elected each year for a 12-month period at the meeting of the TFWA Board and Management Committee in December. According to the Statutes of the Association, the President can be elected from within the members of the TFWA Management Committee, or from outside the membership of the Association should any candidate be able to demonstrate relevant ‘experience, knowledge of the Association’s activities or specific skills’.

Members of the TFWA Management Committee have until the opening of the meeting on 14th December 2018 to present their candidature. Applications from candidates who are not members of the Management Committee must be sent in writing and received at least four weeks prior to the date of the meeting of the Management Committee in December. Applications should be sent to the Election Committee at TFWA, 23-25 rue de Berri, 75008 Paris, France.