TFWA has made new appointments to its permanent team in Paris, with a view to strengthening its internal structure and better serving the needs of its members, exhibitors and visitors to the association’s events.

Nan Metais joins the TFWA exhibition team managed by Myriem Chalabi as Sales Administration Manager. 

Dimitri Salamite has been appointed as Accountant as a part of the finance team managed by Finance Director Sylvie Guigue. 

The marketing department will continue to be managed by Marketing Director Cécile Lamotte, the IT team by IT & Technical Director Ana Homawoo and the corporate team is now headed by Managing Director Franck Waechter.

“I would like to welcome our new colleagues to the TFWA team. I look forward to working closely with Nan and Dimitri in their new roles. It is imperative that we deliver the best possible service to our members, partners and the wider industry. These new appointments are instrumental in helping us to achieve that goal." 
Erik Juul-Mortensen, TFWA President