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Avolta is a leading global travel experience player. With the traveler at its strategic core, Avolta maximizes every moment of the traveler’s journey through its combination of travel retail and travel food & beverage, passion for innovation and excellent execution. 


Leading global travel experience player

Avolta’s well-diversified business across geographical, channel and brand portfolio pillars operates in 73 countries and more than 1,000 locations, with over 5,100 points of sale across three segments – duty-free, food & beverage and convenience – and various channels, including airports, motorways, cruises ferries, railway, border shops and downtown. An inherent element of Avolta’s business strategy is found in ESG, aiming for sustainable and profitable growth of the company while fostering high standards of environmental stewardship and social equity – making meaningful impact in the local communities. The company’s access to 2.3 billion passengers each year reinforces the power of it’s more than 76,000 people, committed to surprising guests and delivering solid execution, supporting the company in creating value for all stakeholders. 

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A Toast to Tradition and Innovation: Avolta in Asia Pacific

In a journey spanning 35 years in Asia Pacific (APAC), currently operating from India – where we have been operating F&B since 2008 with our retail operations following shortly after – to New Zealand with nine other countries in between, Avolta has distinguished itself as a pillar of innovation and excellence within the travel retail and food and beverage (F&B) sector in the region. Our voyage so far has seen us grow alongside this vibrant region, establishing a significant presence that resonates with both locals and travelers alike. This voyage has not merely been about expansion but is a reflection of our deep-seated commitment to intertwining traditional values with cutting-edge practices, to bring both local and international travelers a happier journey.

Our APAC venture began with a promise to deliver unmatched quality and service, respecting the rich legacy of the country, while integrating global standards and much-loved brands. This fusion approach has been pivotal, allowing us to establish a memorable travel experience across the APAC region; our Duty-free operation in Perth, Australia, where we are able to offer travelers an end-to-end experience with its number one destination; Bali International Airport where we have a flagship presence spanning across Duty-free, Specialty Retail and F&B, highlighting our capacity to deliver a complete travel experience package; the introduction of Hudson in Shanghai Pudong that marked a significant milestone for our travel essentials business in the APAC region, showcasing our commitment to diversifying and enhancing traveler experiences in the region; and most recently in Bangalore, where we opened our glittering Duty-free walk-through stores and 14 F&B outlets, with our partner BIAL.

Our joint venture with Wuhan airport, managing all concessions – contributing to the design of the stores as well as the external environment of the terminal and selectively attracting the best brands and concepts – is another example of our new business model approach, where we work together with our concession partner for the benefit of all, significantly enhancing the airport experience. We strongly believe that this collaborative approach further increases the willingness of suppliers and retailers to invest in innovation in order to accelerate sales.

We have a dedicated strategy for APAC, focusing on geographical diversification along with traveler centricity, operational excellence and relevant ESG initiatives. This demonstrates our confidence in the market as a driver for our company’s growth. China and India lead the way proposing a bright future for the region; India has recently surpassed China to become the world’s most populous country*, while China is set to overtake the US as the world’s largest market for air travel demand by 2042**.

As such, APAC is the world’s largest regional economy and is set to continue to grow in scale and influence given its higher rate of economic growth, larger population and growing technological investment. This complements the native propensity of the Asian societies to travel and shop.

When it comes to connecting with our passengers in the APAC region, we know that digital is key – anytime, anywhere. It allows us to deliver an experiential, personalized, speedy, convenient and relevant experience. This was one of the drivers that led us to initiate a strategic relationship with Alibaba, who shares the same vision of the global travel experience industry, and together we are committed to continuously supporting each other for greater success, focused on digital, APAC business strategy and leaning on each other’s strengths.

We are not just here for the short haul, our commitment mirrors our belief in APAC's promise, aiming to evolve alongside this dynamic market. Our journey thus far has been incredibly rewarding - we believe that the best is yet to come.

* UN world population dashboard

** Latest dataset released by Airports Council International World