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We are Heineken: The world’s most international brewer

For over 150 years, we’ve been passionate about making a positive impact on the world. Today, this is more needed than ever. We know that we can only thrive if our people, planet and the communities around us thrive. In April 2021, we announced our Brew a Better World strategy for 2030 to drive progress towards a net zero, fairer and more balanced world.

Our commitments are raising the bar on climate action, accelerating efforts to support the social agenda and driving our brands to be more ambitious in ensuring consumers around the world always have a zero-alcohol choice while promoting moderate consumption of alcohol.

As part of the HEINEKEN #BrewaBetterWorld and #SocialiseResonsibily global platform, HEINEKEN Global Duty Free is set on working together with their retail partners in cruises, ferries and airlines to encourage and remind consumers to travel and enjoy responsibility – the key to being able to explore our beautiful planet for generations to come.

Together with one of HEINEKEN’S airline partners, the initiative to brew HEINEKEN and HEINEKEN 0.0 with 100% green energy was realized. By using the power of wind turbines and solar panels, together with the biogas generated from wastewater treatment plants from two HEINEKEN breweries, were able to increase the amount of sustainable energy to at least equal to the energy required to brew and package Heineken® beer in the Netherlands, where all Heineken® beer for this airline partner is brewed.

During the TFWA World Conference and Exhibition, HEINEKEN will be introducing the core Global and local winning portfolio in the Asia region.


Heineken Silver is a new addition to the Heineken family. It has an extra refreshing taste – for real – and a crisp subtle finish. Its accessible taste aligns well with the growing demand for a light drinking beer, especially among next generation Y and Z consumers.

Heineken silver ®

Our global brand and star performer
The jewel in the crown of our portfolio is Heineken®. It’s the world’s most valuable international premium beer brand and available in almost every country on the planet – and no matter where in the world you take that first sip, you know you’re going to be hit with that same crisp, consistent quality that has been setting Heineken® apart for almost 150 years.

Heineken ®

Give consumers ‘’always a choice’’ for an alcohol free alternative
Major shifts in consumer trends have opened up an exciting new path for growth in our industry. Changes in drinking behaviour, healthier lifestyles and the simple desire for more choice and variety have all contributed to the rise of the low- and no-alcohol. In line with accelerating trends due to C-19 in line with moderation, Heineken 0.0 has been a key growth driver and is now available in over 100 markets.

Heineken 0.0 ®

Our Glocal champion!
Tiger was born in 1932 on the streets of Singapore. Today, Tiger is the number one international premium beer in Asia and one of the world’s fastest-growing beer brands. It is available in more than 50 markets across the globe.

Tiger ®