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Digital Village 2018
From personal security to in-store service, the latest digital technology has plenty to offer today’s travellers and the brands they seek, as the forthcoming TFWA Digital Village (2-5 October in Cannes) will reveal.

Digitally serving travellers and brands

wandersafeThe excitement of discovery is one of travel’s great attractions. Strolling through unfamiliar surroundings is part of the adventure, but how can travellers tell when they’re straying into potentially dangerous areas? “WanderSafe is an IoT device that pairs with an app to solve a major concern of location awareness and safe navigating for travellers”, says CEO and founder Stephanie Rodriguez, adding “It’s a nonviolent anti-rape, anti-assault solution for everyone”. The company has opted to launch its offering at this year’s TFWA Digital Village, which it sees as “the perfect stage to attract innovation-seeking buyers and distributors”.

Au cœur du luxeDedicated to improving the retail performance of luxury brands, Au Coeur Du Luxe focuses on customer service. Laurence Ouaknine explains: “We design memorable customer experiences, recommending, devising and implementing turnkey solutions to align brand strategy with customer perception. Since 2019 we have delivered over 4,000 training programmes and over 400 e-learning modules for leading international brands.” From its stand in the TFWA Digital Village, ADCL will showcase its updated mobile training app, currently used by 5,000 store personnel across 15 countries. Also on show will be its rapid video-learning product to engage the global traveller.

IconictionBefore the advent of smartphones, companies used out-of-home and press advertising to reach travellers. These days, personalised brand messages can be delivered directly to individual phones. One company with particular expertise in this field is Iconiction. Confirming its presence as a TFWA Digital Village exhibitor “to demonstrate to travel retail players how we can increase footfall and sales with the right drive-to-store tactics”, spokesperson Sebastien Marteau says the Dubai-based firm “will show how to geotarget smartphones in every airport globally with the appropriate advertising formats, like push notifications or banners”. Specific techniques for marketing to Chinese travellers will also feature.

HandyHandy, another digital-solutions provider appearing in Cannes, proposes all-in-one services designed specifically for hotels and travellers. According to the company’s Isabelle Junod Hinderer and Tom Roche, “Handy offers a new point of sales for the industry. Shop the best offers 24/7 and have them delivered to your hotel or pick them up at the airport.” Using a proprietary smartphone and docking station, travellers can access hotel services, destination-specific content and more.

ShiseidoShiseido, WiFi sponsor for the TFWA Digital Village, has direct experience of how digital tools can bring a brand to life for travellers. “Digital is the future and has been an effective part of our strategy”, comments Elisabeth Jouguelet, VP of Marketing and Innovation at Shiseido Travel Retail. “Our sponsorship signifies our support for this medium and its evolution in creating campaigns that connect with the consumer.” Citing the NARS Lip Gallery, a highly successful activation at King Power’s Rangnam downtown store in Bangkok that used artificial intelligence and gamification to engage shoppers, she adds: “We strongly advocate close partnerships among retailers, airports, landlords and brands to better connect with consumers.”

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