TFWA i.lab 2023
Building on earlier innovation-focused initiatives, TFWA i.lab offers a flexible forum for elevating the traveller experience with expertise from outside DF&TR. The resulting synergies could bring new opportunities and fresh perspectives on the business while boosting passenger engagement.

think smart, act responsible...keeping pace with the latest developments has never mattered more. An industry founded on bricks-and-mortar stores, travel retail sometimes seems reluctant to embrace change. That was certainly true when e-commerce first appeared. But as travellers have come to expect a compelling online offer alongside their in-store shopping, so brands and retailers have realised that new technologies can help them meet, and even exceed, these expectations. Similarly, with concerns like sustainability and corporate citizenship now high on the agenda, the industry is increasingly seeking external expertise in its response to an ever more socially- and environmentally-aware travelling consumer. The challenge is finding the innovators with ideas relevant to travel retail.

think smart, act responsibleThe upgraded TFWA i.lab initiative takes a flexible, forum-based approach adaptable to industry needs. Its strapline ‘innovation in action’ highlights the practical character of the hardware and services that TFWA i.lab promotes. Underlying everything it does will be the objective of helping duty free and travel retail access the know-how to enrich the traveller experience. The process is expected to be mutually beneficial, as companies unfamiliar with travel retail will discover a global business worth US$80bn.

think smart, act responsible ...where brands, retailers, airports and other stakeholders will have the chance to meet companies pioneering new techniques in shopper engagement. In future, other event formats are possible, from pop-ups to online seminars, workshops and more – whatever works best to encourage the flow of ideas between industry players and innovators from outside the channel.

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