TFWA World Exhibition & Conference
TFWA World Exhibition & Conference 2021
With women working in travel retail across the globe preparing to participate in TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes, the membership organisation for Women in Travel Retail (WiTR) is delighted to announce a very special partnership with TFWA this year.

The TFWA Lounge event on Tuesday 26th October at the Carlton Beach from 18:30 to 21:00, will be dedicated to Women in Travel Retail but open to women and men alike.

This year’s gathering is in place of WiTR’s traditional networking event in the Palais des Festivals, which has proven challenging to organise due to ongoing COVID restrictions. In the past, this event has raised substantial sums for charities in many countries, with a clear focus on women and children.

For the second year running, WiTR is raising money for Impact Hong Kong, which helps women experiencing homelessness to settle in a safe home, restore their mental and physical wellbeing, build their self-esteem and social capital, and discover their purpose.
At the TFWA Lounge, guests will be invited to make a voluntary contribution to the charity, but all will be welcome to come along and enjoy the evening.

Sarah Branquinho, President of WiTR, said; “Strong relationships are key to the success of the duty-free and travel retail community and WiTR members, like many others, are really looking forward to the opportunity to meet face to face at TFWA in Cannes. After such a turbulent period, this will be the perfect opportunity to celebrate with all colleagues in the industry as we join to revitalise our fabulous industry.”
TFWA Board, said; “We are very pleased with the platform the TFWA Lounge will provide the WiTR association to offer the visibility that women in travel retail deserve . TFWA and WiTR look forward to welcoming all attendees of the TFWA Exhibition to the lounge to celebrate the re-emergence of a vibrant travel retail channel and contribute to a meaningful charitable cause."

Note to Editors:

Women in Travel (WiTR) was created in 2006 to recognise the contribution of women to the travel retail industry, past, present and future and as a forum for the women in the travel retail industry. It allows us a privileged medium to exchange ideas, help women to develop their careers in duty-free and travel retail, and to support people in need who we believe would benefit from our help. From year to year we help different groups or communities (from Haiti to India to Sichuan) to help themselves, with a strong focus on children.

About ImpactHK. ImpactHK became a registered charity in March 2017 but never began with that aim. Its founder, Jeff Rotmeyer, had the idea of doing one act of kindness per month for the homeless and began by walking the streets of the more impoverished areas of Hong Kong handing out supplies to those in need. The initiative touched the hearts of volunteers throughout Hong Kong and became quite popular – giving ImpactHK the opportunity to make great impact. It progressed to two walks a month, then four, and so on. ImpactHK now does 50 walks per month in six locations across Hong Kong and is built upon the kindness of hundreds of passionate volunteers. Its numbers bring power and the opportunity to create massive change – not only by positively helping homeless individuals in Hong Kong, but also by changing the face of philanthropy in the territory.