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Carlos MelconianEconomist

Vice President, Marcoview S.A.

Carlos Melconian is the Vice President of Macroview S.A., and works as an advisor to high profile figures in government and private sectors on economic policies.

In January 2022, Carlos was appointed President of IERAL (Instituto para el Estudio de la Realidad Argentina y Latinoamericana), a think-tank with a focus on economic policy issues in Argentina and Latin America. IERAL is part of the Fundación Mediterránea. In 2015 and 2017, he served as President of Argentina’s largest state- owned bank (Banco de la Nación Argentina).

Previously, Carlos worked as a consultant for the World Bank and for several Latin American governments. He has written numerous articles on economic and financial issues and has authored two books: Recuperar la ilusión with Rodolfo Santangelo, and Cantar la justa, in which he offers his views on the reasons that led to the failure of the Macri administration.

In 1991 he founded M&S Consultores, an economics consulting firm specialized in providing advice for domestic and foreign businesses and institutions on Argentina’s macro economy and policy developments. He has likewise led macro- and microeconomic research reports for local and foreign companies and institutions.

Carlos holds a Bachelor in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires and a Master in Economics from the University Di Tella.