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 Author, physician and former rugby player 

Dr Roberto Canessa is an author, physician and former rugby player of the Uruguayan National team. 

Dr. Canessa shocked the world in December 1972 when he and Fernando Parrado arrived in Chile after surviving a horrific plane crash and then hiking across the Andes mountains for ten days at an altitude of 16,404 feet and temperatures of twenty-two degrees below zero. Canessa and Parrado guided a rescue party back to their fourteen friends who were still trapped on the mountain two months after the initial search for them had been called off. 

Dr. Canessa went on to become a pediatric cardiologist, world-renowned for his work with newborn patients and prenatal echocardiography at the Hospital Italiano of Montevideo. 

He is the recipient of the National Award of Medicine in Uruguay three times. In 2015 he was named Honorary Fellow of the American Society of Echocardiography.