This guide has been prepared by the TFWA press office to help exhibitors make the most of their participation at TFWA events from a press and media relations perspective.

Exhibitors are responsible for their own public relations (PR) activity relating to the show, and the following advice may help to maximise your success.

Our press team is available to advise you if you have questions about press and media relations prior to, during, and after the show.


Preview press release

We recommend that you send a short press release about the product(s) you are showcasing, including your company name, stand number and contact details, in Word format or the body of an email to the key duty free and travel retail trade press and the sector press relevant to your category for use in their preview issues. Contact the TFWA press office if you would like contact details of journalists who will be attending the event.

  • Deadlines vary but allow at least ONE MONTH prior to the show. 
  • Don’t forget to send a copy of your press release and an image to the on-site TFWA Daily magazine.

Media interviews

Many journalists visit shows and may wish to interview your brand team. You are at liberty to decline.

If you would like to invite journalists (including the TFWA Daily team) to your stand for an interview, product launch, stand reception or other brand event, it is best to do this at least one month before the show.

  • Please note this must be done by exhibitors directly. 
  • Press contact details of those who have pre-registered for the event are available on request from

Social media

Make sure you share the news that you will be attending our events on your personal and/or company LinkedIn pages.

  • Be sure to tag TFWA on LinkedIn and @tfwanews on Instagram
  • We recommend using hashtags when posting about TFWA World Exhibition & Conference: #TFWAWEC #CountdownToCannes #TFWACannes and TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference: #TFWAAPEC #CountdownToSingapore #TFWASingapore
  • Remember to post while you are at the event

TFWA 365 online platform

TFWA 365 is a resource that enables industry professionals to discover new brands, product launches and industry initiatives, network with duty free and travel retail peers, and learn about the factors that drive the market. As its name suggests, the platform is available throughout the year. TFWA membership guarantees you unlimited access to all TFWA 365 content.

Take advantage of the TFWA 365 platform.

  • The ‘Discovery’ section provides an exclusive portal for TFWA members to present their brand portfolios to a key audience of several thousand buyers, agents and landlords.
  • Product launches, corporate profiles or social media content can also be featured, illustrated by photography and video.
  • The TFWA 365 platform is promoted throughout the year in TFWA communications to maximise traffic. No other medium can offer such carefully targeted, year-round exposure.
  • For details on how to become a TFWA member, please contact us

PR partner

Templemere PR has helped duty free and travel retail brands communicate effectively with their potential and existing clients for over 20 years. The team manages media relations for TFWA and its events, and works with clients from across the globe.

Contact Daisy Rachlin ( / +44 (0) 20 3948 1430) to find out more about how they can help you and your brand maximise your participation at TFWA World Exhibition & Conference..

Introductory offers are available for TFWA members.


Press badges

All journalists and media professionals will need press badges in order to enter the show. They can either pre-register or register on-site at the press/guest counter.

  • TFWA offers free registration to journalists and online media professionals who will publish content on TFWA events and the brands exhibited at the shows. Press badges are allocated at the discretion of the TFWA press office.
  • As part of the registration process, they must prove their media status and are required to submit copies of/links to their coverage to the TFWA press office.
  • The below must also be approved and registered by the TFWA press office – contact the TFWA press office as soon as possible at : Social media influencers, Photographers and videographers, Podcasters, Radio and TV crews
  • PR and communications agencies are not considered press and should register as visitors.

TFWA Press Centre

The TFWA press centre is located inside the Palais des Festivals (Level 1). It is a private area where journalists can work, conduct interviews, and relax.

If you would like journalists to sample your products, we suggest that you invite them to collect a sample from your stand. The TFWA press centre cannot distribute product samples on your behalf.

TFWA Daily magazine

The TFWA Daily magazine is published on each day of the show. These issues are printed overnight and are available on display racks in the exhibition each morning, as well as at the Press Centre. They can also be viewed online at and on the TFWA App.

  • Invite the TFWA Daily team – journalist and photographer – to attend your product launch, stand reception or other brand event. TFWA Daily contact details can be found TFWA Daily contact details can be found here
  • Inclusion in the magazine is at the discretion of the editor who tries to report the news of as many exhibitors as possible.
  • The TFWA Daily office is a place of work and is not accessible to exhibitors or visitors.

The TFWA Daily magazines are widely read by visitors and exhibitors alike.


TFWA press office

The TFWA press team is available to advise you if you have any questions regarding press and media relations.

Clare Williams Fannin
Clare Williams Fannin
Press Manager
Daisy Rachlin
Daisy Rachlin
Press Assistant

During the show they can be found in the on-site TFWA press centre. They can be contacted as follows: T: +44 (0) 20 3948 1430 or E:

FEEDBACK: The TFWA press office welcomes feedback about its contribution and that of the press to the show and endeavours to act upon it.
If you have any questions concerning anything mentioned in this guide, please do not hesitate to contact the TFWA press office at:

Duty Free and Travel Retail contacts

  • Contact the TFWA press office if you would like contact details for the media who have pre-registered to attend TFWA World Exhibition & Conference and/or TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference.
  • A press list showcasing some of the key duty free and travel retail publications, with summary background information and contact details, can be found on TFWA’s website.
  • TFWA members and business partners have access to the TFWA 365 platform all year round. In the ‘meet the press’ section you can access show issues from several of the duty free and travel retail and sector trade publications.