TFWA China Reborn

les chocolats de Pauline
What are you particularly looking forward to about the TFWA China Reborn online event?

Chocolats de Pauline is a young brand born from the ‘Saveurs & Nature’ company. In 15 years, Jean Michel Mortreau, its passionate founder, has created a world-class organic chocolate producer that promotes sustainability in every piece of chocolate while respecting people and our planet’s natural resources.

Since 2005, we have come a long way and our commercial distribution now extends to 20 countries. Our chocolates are 100% organic. They are made from certified organic cocoa beans selected for their rich taste. Our recipes are natural, guaranteed pure cocoa butter, soy lecithin-free, palm oil-free, gluten-free, without any preservatives, dyes or artificial flavours.

Our CSR policy reflects our commitments to solidarity and sustainability, respecting the environment and people through strong partnerships built with our cocoa farmers and the strong ties that bind us to our customers. Our cardboard packaging comes from sustainably managed forests.

Chocolats de Pauline is full of promise for the customer and exclusively dedicated to the Travel Retail market. Our brand is a favourite with Chinese travellers who are looking for a combination of innovative and high-end products from France, great chocolate taste experiences, and the authentic story of a company focused on health and protecting the planet.

We are delighted to take advantage of China Reborn for an exclusive preview of the new visual identity of Chocolats de Pauline before the launch planned for Q1 2021 and we sincerely thank TFWA for organising this event.

Chocolats de Pauline is already part of the « new normal » because a commitment to health and protecting the planet’s natural resources are in our DNA. Organic products will become the essential standard for consumers’ daily lives.

Follow the journey from bean to bar with Les Chocolats de Pauline