TFWA China Reborn

Jaya Singh, Managing Director, Mondelez World Travel Retail

Jaya Singh, Mondelez

What was MWTR’s motivation to sponsor TFWA’s China Reborn online event?

At Mondelez World Travel Retail, we are committed to ‘Delighting Travellers’ - wherever and whenever we can. In the imminent stages of the channel’s recovery, China and Chinese travellers will play an important role, and we are paying them particular attention to deliver against our commitment. Furthermore, it is more important than ever that we maintain the dialogue and strategic partnerships within the industry to emerge #StrongerTogether.

How is Mondelez World Travel Retail preparing for the “new normal”?

Over the last 25 years, we have built assets to reinforce our position, remain resilient and get through crises. These universal assets are now leveraged to help us succeed on the road to recovery and bring to travel retail what consumers are now looking for: brands with heritage they love and trust, products they intimately know and relate to, unique and exceptional value they appreciate.

How can the industry best leverage confectionery in the recovery?

Confectionery is an impulse-driven category with a universal appeal and high potential to trigger cross-category purchases. We identified three key principles to harness these powers under the current circumstances: focusing on a core portfolio of best-selling products, enhancing the visibility of the category & applying merchandising best practices and, last but not least, bold offers supported by loud communications.