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Svetlana SimeonovaHead of Commercial

Fraport Bulgaria

Svetlana Simeonova is the Head of Commercial for Fraport Bulgaria, based at Varna Airport. Svetlana leads the strategic business development of the company. Before her time in the Commercial department, Svetlana served as a Corporate Secretary and Head of the Legal Department at Fraport Bulgaria, where she oversaw a wide range of legal matters. Svetlana is also the Vice Chair of the ANARA (Airport Non-Aeronautical Revenues and Activities) sub-committee at ACI World and has steered the Concession Agreements working group since April 2021.

Svetlana's diverse background in both the commercial and legal aspects of the aviation industry has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this field. Her leadership roles and involvement in industry committees highlight her dedication to driving innovation and excellence in airport operations, concessions, and commercial activities.