Two key aspects of duty free & travel retail’s largest market form the focus of a half-day webinar (29 March on TFWA 365).

TFWA’s forthcoming China Watch webinar takes a fresh look at the industry’s leading market by turnover. While many regions are opening up to international travel again, some governments in Asia Pacific are more circumspect and it will be a while before China’s citizens venture overseas. But the country’s renewed appetite for domestic tourism and its robust economic growth are generating new possibilities for brands and retailers. Split into two interactive 90-minute sessions to be livestreamed on TFWA 365, China Watch will explore new opportunities in Chinese travel retail, such as the rapidly expanding airport duty paid business, before analysing how best to win Chinese millennial and Gen Z consumers.

Alongside offshore duty free’s meteoric development in Hainan, factors like the rise of China’s second-tier cities, an expanding downtown duty free market and the entrance of new retailers offer significant potential for marketing to travellers. Among the speakers analysing these openings will be Jason Cao, Founder and General Manager of Amberich International, who has extensive experience of Chinese travel retail. Further insights will come from other operators and travel data firms in a format that blends presentations with moderator-led discussion and questions from the audience.

After a networking break, the second session considers China’s increasingly influential younger consumers. The country’s Gen Z make up around 15% of the population and, with their elder millennial siblings, are already driving domestic consumption. These first-generation digital natives are optimistic, impulsive and inclined to overspend, according to a recent McKinsey study. An invited panel of brand and social media experts, including Rocky Chi (Head of Planning for Chinese marketing consultancy Emerging Communications), will ask how travel retail can engage with this attractive yet often elusive demographic.

TFWA’s China Watch webinar will be accessible to all industry professionals from 09:00 to 12:30 CET / 15:00 to 18:30 CST on 29 March. Keep an eye on for further details and how to register.