TFWA i.lab 2022
Read the views of several exhibitors at TFWA i.lab Asia on taking part in the event, and view their video pitches here
Albert Shao, Cosmose

Albert Shao, Vice President of Cosmose Media at Cosmose AI is looking forward to networking with industry leaders and establish strategic partnerships during TFWA i.lab Asia.

"As a pioneer in indoor positioning technology, Cosmose AI has come up with a set of unparalleled solutions that can help brands precisely target its audiences among millions of Chinese travellers and therefore maximize the advertising efficiency. By leveraging TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference, the most influential event within the travel sector, we aim to showcase the Cosmose AI magic to all participants as we are rapidly growing in APAC and Europe."

Konstance Lin, LI

Konstance Lin,’s Ad Sales Manager, is looking forward to networking with industry leaders and learning new business trends at TFWA i.lab Asia.

", a leading travel search engine in China, is thrilled to support TFWA i.lab Asia. The event gives us an exclusive opportunity to network with leaders in the industry and further the expansion and development of the travel retail sector in Asia.

“We believe that participating and supporting this event is crucial for us to stay abreast of industry trends and meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our participation aligns with our commitment to driving innovation and delivering exceptional value to our customers in the travel industry."

John Lo, Baidu International LI

John Lo, General Manager of International Sales at Baidu International, outlines what his company is expecting to achieve from their participation in TFWA i.lab Asia.

“At Baidu, we are committed to helping businesses succeed in the rapidly evolving Chinese market. This event allows us to showcase our innovative advertising solutions to brands looking to expand their businesses in China and network with industry experts to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.

“With our all-rounded marketing solutions, we aim to establish new partnerships and collaborations with crucial players in the industry, expand our network, and explore new business opportunities.”

Frankie Ho, iClick LI

Frankie Ho, President of International Business at iClick explains why he believes it important for his company to participate and support TFWA i.lab Asia.

"As a company dedicated to empowering global brands to enter the China market, iClick recognizes the importance of staying at the forefront of innovation in the travel retail industry. We’re excited to join TFWA i.lab Asia, as it provides a unique opportunity for us to connect and contribute new ideas and solutions to travel retail brands for creating an elevated traveling consumer experience.

“While the travel market in China rebounds and continues to grow, TFWA i.lab Asia provides us with an excellent platform to showcase our innovative data-driven marketing solutions and connect with key players and brands who are actively engaged in the travel retail industry.”

iClick is launching their 2023 WhitePaper, titled ‘A Practical Guide to Engaging with Chinese Travelers: China Travel Retail Marketing Facts and Tips to Know’, during TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference.

Make sure to head to the TFWA i.lab Asia area on Level 1 at 11:00am on Tuesday 9th May, for their press launch!

Ong Huey Hong LI

Singapore Tourism Board Executive Director, Ong Huey Hong, expresses his enthusiasm for TFWA i.lab Asia.

“We are delighted by this opportunity to showcase innovative technology solutions from start-ups under STB’s Singapore Tourism Accelerator (STA) programme, a digital transformation initiative under our Tourism Technology Transformation Cube, or Tcube. Through STA, we will continue to encourage the industry to build new digital capabilities and reimagine their business offerings.” Five Singaporean start-ups by the Singapore Tourism Board will be featured in this year’s TFWA i.lab Asia! We can’t wait for you to see what new tools and solutions they will showcase.


As a global-leading smart logistics company and Alibaba's logistics arm, Cainiao strives to drive digital transformation across the whole logistics industry.

“Echo Zhu, Hainan General Manager at Cainiao Global Supply Chain is looking forward to capitalising on the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, make industry-wide connections and share his company’s own insights of global retail and supply chain. “We are honoured to attend TFWA i.lab Asia, a global platform displaying the latest trends and hot topics among the retail industry. The opportunity offered by TFWA serves as a window of Cainiao and Alibaba's cutting-edge technologies as well as our ESG initiatives directly to our targeted audience like global brands and retailers, looking to enter the Chinese market."

Luca Nestola

Luca Nestola, CEO of Ulisse is excited to network with leaders in the travel retail industry and establish strategic partnerships during TFWA i.lab Asia.

“Ulisse is providing retailers with an off-the-shelf physical analytics platform to help business decision makers improve their commercial places by performing better with data. We're excited to participate in TFWA i.lab Asia in order to connect with potential customers like real-estate owners (landlords) and tenants (retailers) by demoing our solution."

Kirti Chandel LI

Kirti Chandel, Chief Product Officer at WooHoo AI SparkleHaze highlights what they’re expecting to achieve from their participation at TFWA i.lab Asia.

“TFWA events attract businesses and leaders who are expecting innovative and disruptive technologies. Our participation under STB’s Singapore Tourism Accelerator programme, will focus on exactly that - showcasing the next generation of technologies in the tourism and hospitality industry."

WooHoo AI SparkleHaze are one of the five Singaporean start-ups by the Singapore Tourism Board being featured in this year’s TFWA i.lab Asia! They’re focused on bringing the next generation of innovation technologies through their product, WooHoo® voice AI assistant speakers.

Sebastian Buerkle

Sebastian Buerkle, Founder & CEO of DutyFreak, highlights the importance of participating in this year’s TFWA i.lab Asia.

“Last year DutyFreak attended the event in Singapore for the first time and took away great insights and feedback from duty free and travel retail operators. One year later, DutyFreak will be an exhibitor!

“TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference for us is the right stage and we’re delighted to showcase our strategic GTR-Marketplace. DutyFreak believes in air travel, and in new innovative solutions in order to create experience sales in TR for each traveller at every airport. That’s why, we’ll be participating in this year's TFWA i.lab.

Byung Jun Lee LI

Byung Jun Lee, BeLive Technology’s VP of Business Development is excited to network with leaders in the travel retail industry and establish fruitful partnerships during TFWA i.lab Asia.

“As the travel market continues to recover and expand, we see a great opportunity to bring interactive livestream technology to the travel retail market to help travel brands provide better and more immersive hybrid experiences to travellers. We are honoured to have a chance to join this summit as part of our collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board."

BeLive Technology is one of the five Singaporean start-ups by the Singapore Tourism Board being showcased at this year’s TFWA i.lab Asia. We can’t wait for you to see their innovative technology solutions!

Quote Danyang Luo LI TRavel-X

With the countdown to TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference well and truly on, Danyang Luo, co-founder of Travel-X, shares his excitement to be part of TFWA i.lab Asia.  

“We have learned that thousands of top figures will join the full-scale TFWA event this year. We can't wait to meet everyone in Singapore and spread our idea and vision, and to tell them how they can achieve transparent, seamless, and efficient customer acquisition in China. 

“Many friends from Chinese retailers will visit Singapore, as the first appearance after China amending their quarantine policy. It is exciting that we can share and exchange both information and happiness, which is brought by TFWA.  

“It is meaningful for us to broaden our horizon at such an opportunity that gathers key players and veterans from the globe. It is likely that we will have impromptu conversations, which will allow us to learn the industry from brands, retailers, airports and other startups.”

Quote Morten Pankoke Intel Track Systems AS

Intelligent Track Systems A/S’s Managing Director, Morten Pankoke, expresses why it’s important for them to participate in TFWA i.lab Asia during TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference.

“Following the quite successful introduction of our intelligent trolley service in Europe and MENA in 2022 our focus in 2023 turns towards Asia Pacific. The TFWA event in Singapore represents a cornerstone in our Asian market introduction strategy offering us a unique chance to meet many of the important stakeholders in one place.

“Based on our experience from TFWA in Cannes last autumn, we are sure TFWA will once again deliver the platform needed for us to kick off the introduction of our digital personal assistant to airports, retailers and advertisers from the Asia Pacific region.”

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