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TFWA World Exhibition and Conference 2018
ejmFormer Prime Minister of Denmark (2001-09) and Secretary General of NATO (2009-14)

Anders Fogh Rasmussen has been at the centre of European and global politics for three decades as a leading Danish parliamentarian, Minister for Taxation (1987-92), Minister for Economic Affairs (1990-92), Prime Minister of Denmark (2001-09) and Secretary General of NATO (2009-14).

In 2014 he established Rasmussen Global, which provides geopolitical and strategic consulting services.

His tenure as Secretary General of NATO marked a fundamental transformation of the Alliance, as he developed a new Strategic Concept, setting the Alliance’s core priorities for the future. In the midst of the most serious economic crisis of recent times, he launched “Smart Defence” to help nations make more efficient use of their resources through enhanced multinational cooperation.

A reformer who made the Alliance leaner and more efficient, Rasmussen also extended and strengthened NATO’s partnerships with nations around the world, making it the hub of a network of international security partnerships.

In his latest book, The Will To Lead: America’s Indispensable Role in the Global Fight for Freedom, Rasmussen argues that western democracies must stand up to authoritarianism around the world.