TFWA World Exhibition & Conference
TFWA World Exhibition & Conference 2019
With global sales at an all-time high amid improvements to infrastructure all over the world, the duty free & travel retail industry would appear to be in good shape to face the future. But how sustainable is the market’s current growth? As the ground shifts beneath us in arguably the most turbulent geo-political climate since the end of the Cold War, what are the main threats to international trade? Do today’s leaders truly understand the needs of global business? And as consumers increasingly embrace the need to preserve the environment, what role should brands and retailers play in confronting their concerns? Are we part of the solution, or part of the problem?

The TFWA World Conference 2019, the opening event of the duty free & travel retail industry’s global summit, will address these questions in detail, looking at the real prospects for our market against a challenging economic and political backdrop.

The Conference will be opened by TFWA President Alain Maingreaud, in his first address to the industry in Cannes. Alain will explore some of the main issues facing the duty free & travel retail industry today, and the role that TFWA can play in helping promote future growth.

The keynote speaker at this year’s Conference, the Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, is a statesman of global renown. Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from 1997 to 2007, he led the Labour party to three successive election victories and left a lasting mark on politics in the country. Since leaving office he has remained at the forefront of world affairs, and is an authoritative voice on issues such as global trade, Middle East tensions and Brexit. He is sure to provide a fascinating insight into a troubled period for international relations.

The Conference will also hear from a world authority on brand marketing: David Jones, former CEO of advertising agency Havas and the founder of You & Mr Jones, a tech holding company specialised in brand communication. A proponent of corporate responsibility and social change, David was named 2013 Sustainable Business Leader by UK newspaper The Guardian, and is the co-founder of One Young World, a non-profit organisation that provides young leaders with a platform to bring about positive change. David will explore the impact of technology on branding, and also how all businesses can help ensure a sustainable future at a time of increasing concerns over the environment.

Using the TFWA App, delegates at the Conference will have the opportunity to put comments and questions to speakers.

The TFWA World Conference will be moderated by Stephen Sackur, journalist and presenter of current affairs programme HARDTalk on BBC World.

Alain Maingreaud
Alain Maingreaud
President, Tax Free World Association


Tony Blair
The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair
Prime Minister,
Great Britain and Northern Ireland (1997-2007)


 David Jones
David Jones
Founder and CEO, You & Mr Jones,
Founder, One Young World


Stephen Sackur
Stephen Sackur
Journalist and presenter of current affairs programme HARDTalk on BBC World.