TFWA will be hosting a webinar on the Chinese market on 29th March, exploring trends and challenges relating to the duty free and travel industry in China.

Entitled China Watch, the webinar will detail the latest developments shaping the market and the opportunities that 'common prosperity' will bring within China and beyond.

The webinar will consist of two sessions: 'New opportunities in Chinese travel retail', which will look at some of the key elements influencing travel retail in China, and 'Winning young Chinese customers', focusing on the growing influence of millennial and Gen Z consumers in the Chinese retail market.

The event will take place on TFWA's digital platform, TFWA 365, from 9am to 12.30pm CET/3pm to 6.30pm China Standard Time.

"The Chinese duty free and travel retail market plays such a crucial role in the industry as a whole, and will no doubt be essential to the recovery of travel retail in the larger Asia Pacific region. The China Watch webinar will offer fresh insight into some of the key developments and challenges in the Chinese market, and look at the ways they can be navigated to benefit the industry. We look forward to welcoming a strong turnout from our partners in the region."
Erik Juul-Mortensen, TFWA President

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