The MEADFA Conference
The MEADFA Conference 2019
Dr Samar BaqerProfessor and consultant

College of Business Administration, Kuwait University

Dr Samar Baqer is a Fullbright scholar and Professor of Marketing at the College of Business Administration at Kuwait University.

Alongside her academic career, Dr Baqer has led major consultancy projects with UNDP-Kuwait, Ministry of Planning, Kuwait National Fund for SME Development, the KFAS Academy (a company under the umbrella of Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences), the Communication Committee for New Kuwait, and other private marketing agencies.

She is an experienced public speaker, having been invited to address many international conferences including the International Council for Small Businesses (ICSB) in Egypt and the US, the American University in Bulgaria, the Ministry of Youth in Kuwait, and the Arabnet Conference in Kuwait and Riyadh. Her TED talk as one of the most influential women in the Gulf region in 2018 for TEDxMuscat has received many viewers.

Dr Baqer is a regular volunteer for programmes and events designed to encourage and support young entrepreneurs in the Middle East region, such as The Proteges and the Fikra Program.