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Head of Strategic Insights, Portland Design

Terna Jibo is a highly-experienced research, cultural insight and trends specialist, with over fifteen years’ experience of directing domestic and international research, ethnographic and trend forecasting work for blue-chip clients. With a background in journalism, academia, advertising, digital marketing and design, Terna identifies and interprets trends and insight and create strategies that help make the future happen for clients. His vast research knowhow contributes to putting research and trends at the heart of the consumer experiences and commercial strategies created by Portland. 

As the Head of Strategic Insights at Portland Design, Terna leads its standalone SIU (Strategic Insights Unit), offering tailored consumer insights and trends research for the retail, travel and leisure industries. Portland's SIU team are responsible for creating original, imaginative and usable research that solves problems, accelerates great ideas and drives innovative design solutions for brands, businesses and organisations worldwide. He has also written for a range of consumer, industry and think-tank publications and has previously taught university courses on ethnography and trend forecasting.