China Century Conference 2018
trevor laiHost, “Thoughtful China”

Trevor Lai has been helping businesses in China and abroad build and market their brands for over 10 years. As the main host of “Thoughtful China”, Trevor has interviewed more than 200 CEOs and executives from Fortune 500 companies like Starbucks to domestic brands about business strategies in the Middle Kingdom. Previously, the award-winning author and entrepreneur was also the Vice President of an international branding and design firm based in Shanghai.

Currently, Trevor is the CEO and Creative Director of UP Studios (, one of China's leading companies dedicated to creating original animated films and branded family entertainment. Trevor's character BOOMi has been licensed to the Intercontinental Hotel Group and is featured in over 80 hotels and resorts across Greater China, Singapore and Australia. The "Super BOOMi" TV series recently received an investment from Tencent, and will be broadcast at the beginning of summer 2017.