TFWA World Exhibition & Conference

Travel is poised for unprecedented growth thanks to a new wave of travellers, emerging destinations, and tech innovations. However, global economic and geopolitical uncertainty persists, with conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East. Rising inflation and living costs are straining finances worldwide. The clash between globalisation and protectionism is intensifying, while artificial intelligence is transforming our daily lives, professions and online interactions. 

It is a milestone year for the 2024 edition of the TFWA World Conference, as we celebrate the Association’s 40th anniversary. The Conference will explore the forces shaping our market and world today and take an introspective look at future trends. Stephen Sackur, broadcaster, journalist, and BBC World's HARDTalk presenter, will moderate the event.

Monday, September 30
09:00 – 12:00
Grand Auditorium, Palais des Festivals

The conference will commence with a state-of-the-industry address by TFWA President Erik Juul-Mortensen, who will provide his perspective on the industry's immediate and long-term future during a time of considerable change. 

Heightened geopolitical tensions are challenging global organizations to rethink their growth strategies worldwide. Today’s uncertainty in the international arena requires considering fundamental shifts in strategies and structures. What impact will geopolitical changes have on the future of international trade? What does this mean for the duty-free and travel retail industry, which depends on interconnectedness and the free movement of people and goods? How can businesses adapt to the ongoing geopolitical transformation? The conference opening session, featuring a conversation with former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, will explore ways to navigate the evolving global order. 

The duty free and travel retail industry stands at a critical juncture, requiring continuous evolution in today’s market. It is essential for industry players to swiftly adapt and stay agile to cater to the new generation of travelling consumers. To thrive, brands must tackle these challenges head-on, while building and maintaining strong customer loyalty, exploring new growth opportunities, and connecting with tech-savvy customers. To explore emerging trends and changes in consumption behaviour, delegates will hear from anthropologist, futurist, best-selling author and CEO of meta-media studio Radical Next, Sam Rad

The recent years have witnessed remarkable advancements in the business world, driven by new technologies, ambitious goals, and a new generation's quest for unique experiences. What does the future of travel hold in this new era of conducting business? What can the duty-free and travel retail industry anticipate and how can we tackle the challenges ahead? To provide insight into the future of business and travel, the closing session features Anousheh Ansari, NASA astronaut, the first female private space explorer and CEO of XPrize Foundation.  Anousheh will also delve into strategies for companies to embrace a mindset of exploration and bold innovation, essential for thriving in a constantly changing arena.  

Tuesday, October 1
Salon Croisette, Majestic Hotel

In a 90 minutes session, delegates will hear about developments and challenges in the travel retail ecosystem, including an update on Airport Council International (ACI)’s specialist committee on airport Non-Aeronautical Revenues and Activities (ANARA) presented by Andrew Ford, founder of Paccaya Resources & Chair of ANARA, Isabel Zarza, CEO Southern Europe for AVOLTA, and Ian Cesa of Horizon Consumer Science.  The second part of the morning session will feature Euromonitor International Innovation Senior Consultant Marie Isquenderian and the impact of digital trends in daily consumption, and global consulting firm Kearney Managing Partner and Chairman Alex Liu who will share their studies and analysis of innovative strategies that every stakeholder can adopt to thrive in this dynamic environment.

The workshop will be moderated by Michele Miranda, Conference Director, TFWA.